NGRef: SO 845 604
OSMap: LR150
Type: Enclosure
None identified

Possible Roman Camp or British Farmstead?

This site lies at the confluence of the Salwarpe with the Severn, about 3½ miles (c.5.6 km) north of Worcester city centre. Two enclosures have been noted by aerial photography; a rectangular enclosure known only from its eastern side, 300 feet long (c.91 m), with rounded corner-angles, and attached lengths of the north and south sides, is reminiscent of a temporary Roman military enclosure such as a marching camp; next to this is a circular enclosure around 50 feet in diameter (c.15 m) with an entrance gap on the west. This site may represent a native Welsh/Gaelic fortified farmstead (the small circular area) which was rebuilt on a much grander scale during the Romano-British period (the rectangular enclosure). Only excavation will tell.

See: Air Reconnaissance in Britain, 1951-5 by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. xlv (1956) pp.87/8;
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