NGRef: SN8206
OSMap: LR160
Type: Fortlet
Sarn Helen: NE (3.5) to Coelbren (West Glamorgan)
Sarn Helen: SW (7.5) to Nidvm (Neath, West Glamorgan)

The Roman Fortlet on Hirfynydd Ridge

SN828067 77 x 75½ ft
(c.23.5 x 23 m)
c.0.1 acres
(c.0.05 ha)

This site lies on the 'Sarn Helen' Roman road about 3½ miles (c.5.6 km) south-west of the fort at Coelbren. The fortlet is almost square with sharp corner-angles, measuring 77 feet by 75½ feet (c.23.5 x 23 m) across the rampart crests, thus enclosing an area of only one-tenth of an acre (c.0.05 ha). The defences consisted of a single rampart and ditch, measuring 8 feet (c.2.4 m) and 5 feet (c.1.5 m) wide respectively; there is a single entrance gap, 10 feet (c.3 m) wide, in the centre of the south-eastern side, facing the Roman road.

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