NGRef: TL6888
OSMap: LR143
Type: Temple Or Shrine
None identified

This small, square temple lies on the edge of the Fens. The portico wall was about 26 feet square, the inner cella measured about 10 by 9 feet and was defined by the brick bases of four posts, the charred remains of one such roof-support, measuring 9 feet in length, was found on the floor. The temple probably faced east. Originally built in the 2nd century, a new floor was added in the late-3rd. This temple was burned to the ground and another new floor was laid in the mid-4th century, but the temple had fallen into disuse by the late-4th. (Type Ie, or IIe)

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See: Temples in Roman Britain by M.J.T. Lewis (Cambridge 1966).
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