NGRef: TF6944
OSMap: LR132
Type: Probable Settlement, Port
Probable road: SE (24) to Billingford (Norfolk)
Probable road: E (6) to Branodvnvm
Probable Ferry: NW (12) to Skegness
Peddlars Way: SSE (20) to Kempstone
S (6) to Snettisham

Situated on the north-eastern shores of the Metaris Aestuarium (The Wash), it is very likely that merchant vessels had plied their trade across the wash from early times, and the Romans found trade-routes already existing between Holme and Skegness in particular.

See: Historical Map and Guide - Roman Britain by the Ordnance Survey (3rd, 4th & 5th eds., 1956, 1994 & 2001).
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