NGRef: NZ2215
OSMap: LR93
Type: Fort
None identified

The Fort on Holmes House Farm

c.NZ220150 c.270 x 240 ft
(c.82 x 73 m)
c.1½ acres
(c.0.6 ha)

This fort on the south bank of the Tees was discovered from the air by Prof. J.K. St. Joseph in 1950, its single ditch measures 270 feet from east to west by 240 feet north-south (c.82 x 73 m), enclosing an area of just under 1½ acres (c.0.6 ha). The site lies only ¾-mile (c.1.2 km) south-east of the Piercebridge fort and the two will not be contemporary. The Holmes House location is not spectacular, and it is possible that this fort was succeeded after a short period by the better-placed camp at Piercebridge. Fieldwalking at the site in 1950 recovered a small piece of undated Samian ware, along with several pieces of tile which could not be positively identified as Roman. (JRS 1951 pp.52/3)

See: Air Reconnaissance of North Britain by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. xli (1951) pp.52-65;
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