NGRef: SJ4267
OSMap: LR117
Type: Camp, Camp
None identified

This camp is the westernmost of a group of four camps to the west of Guilden Sutton, and lies about a third of a mile (c.600m) west of Guilden Sutton Camp 3 (Pipers Ash).

SJ429678 c.525 x c.460 ft
(c.160 x c.140 m)
c.5½ acres
(c.2.24 ha)
Discovered from the air on 8th August 1995, this camp is known only from its obtuse eastern angle and attached lengths of the adjacent sides, 351 ft. (107m) of the NE, and 377 ft. (115m) of the SE. Each of the sides has a gateway visible, protected by external clavicula defensive outworks, which, if centrally placed in their respective sides, could possibly delineate a rhomboid-shaped camp measuring perhaps 525 ft. NW-SE by about 460 ft. transversely (c.160 x c.140 m).
See: A Note on New Evidence from Aerial Reconnaissance for Roman Military Sites in Cheshire
by Robert A Philpott in Britannia xxix (1998) pp.341-353.
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