NGRef: TF2569
OSMap: LR122
Type: Roman Burg
Ridge trackway: NNW (23) to Caistor (Lincolnshire)
W (22) to Lindvm
E (20) to Skegness

"Horncastle, in Lincolnshire, may have been a Saxon Shore fort. Stukeley in the early eighteenth century describes its walls as "three or four yards high, and four yards thick. ... It is a perfect parallelogram ... at the corners have been square towers, as they report ; the gates were in the middle of three sides, and I suppose a postern" in the fourth. His Plan shows the area as about 31 acres (Stukeley, It. curiosum, p.30). In point of fact the towers were probably round, and the plan is not quite a parallelogram." (Collingwood, p.49)

The classification of the site as a Saxon Shore Fort would be better described as a Fortified Civil Settlement or Burg, which were also prevalent at the time.

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See: The Archaeology of Roman Britain by R.G. Collingwood (Methuen, London, 1930).

Roman Name

Ravenna Cosmography: Bannovallum

Page Citation: Kevan White (2018) "Roman Britain: BANNOVALUM"