NGRef: NO1239
OSMap: LR53
Type: Camp
None identified
Inchtuthil Camp 1
NO120394 1,350 x 1,025 ft
(411 x 312 m)
c.31¾ acres
(c.12.85 ha)
This camp was first seen from the air in 1949, first recognised as Roman in 1957 and had its entire perimeter recorded by 1960. It occupies the western end of the plateau on which the fortress itself is situated, on appreciably less favourable ground than the fortress itself. Measuring 1,350 ft. from NW to SE by 1,025 ft. transversely, this large camp is thought to have housed the work force responsible for the building of the legionary encampment.
Inchtuthil Camp 2
NO1239 400 x 260 ft
(122 x 79 m)
c.2½ acres
(c.0.97 ha)
This small camp was discovered from the air in 1965 near the south-western tip of the plateau to west of the fortress. Its defensive ditch was 4 ft. wide and 2 ft. deep (1.2 x 0.6 m).
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