NGRef: NT3236
OSMap: LR73
Type: Camp
None identified
NT3236 840+ x 270+ ft
(256+ x 82+ m)
>5ΒΌ acres
(2.1 ha)
This camp on the north bank of the Tweed was discovered from the air in the late 1940's. A.P.'s showed the north-west angle and attached, a 270 feet length of the north side, and 840 feet of the west with a gateway about 650 feet west of the angle. The camp lies on the north bank of the River Tweed on the line of a suspected road between the military complex at Newstead and the fort/settlement at Lyne/Easter Happrew; the camp at Eshiels also lies along the suspected road line to the north-west.
See: Air Reconnaissance of North Britain by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. xli (1951) p.57;
Britannia xxxiv (2003) p.305.
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