NGRef: NN9118
OSMap: LR58
Type: Camp
None identified

This group of camps lies about 1 mile north of the fort and camp at Strageath, on the opposite (north) bank of the river Earn.

Innerpeffray Camp 1 (East)
NN916812 c.2,200 x 2,000 ft
(c.670 x 610 m)
c.100 acres
(c.40.8 ha)
Innerpeffray Camp 2 (West)
NN907182 2,100 x 1,400 ft
(c.640 x 427 m)
67½ acres
(c.27.3 ha)
Innerpeffray Camp 3
NN9018 250 x 250 ft
(c.76 x 76 m)
<1½ acres
(c. ha)
Innerpeffray Camp 4
NN9018 c.300 x 300 ft
(c.91 x 91 m)
c.2 acres
(c.0.84 ha)
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