NGRef: NS9679
OSMap: LR65
Type: Camp
None identified

Inveravon lies on the east bank of the River Avon and was thought for many years to have been the site of the third garrison station of the Antonine Wall, but the only indications of Roman military to be found here come in the form of temporary marching camps. The first two camps were discovered from the air in the mid-1950's and reported by J.K. St. Joseph in the Journal of Roman Studies. They lie close to the east end of the Antonine Wall, 1,750 ft. south of the Wall and ½ mile south-east of Inveravon. The third camp was found on A.P.'s in 1960 on a southward slope 400 ft. south of the Wall. There are other camps to the west at Mumrills and Polmont Hill.

Inveravon Camp 1
NS961793 700 x 500 ft
(c.213 x 152 m)
8 acres
(c.3.25 ha)
This larger camp is aligned north-south with gateways in the centre of the long, east and west sides, the latter protected by an external tutulus. The east ditch, trenched in 1983, was found to be 3¼ ft. wide and 1¾ ft. deep (1 x 0.55 m) with a flat bottom. The smaller Camp #2 lies across the southern part of this camp.
Inveravon Camp 2
NS961793 225 x 225 ft
(69 x 69 m)
<1¼ acre
(c.0.47 ha)
This small camp lies astride the southern defences of Camp #1, extending towards the edge of the Esk escarpment.
Inveravon Camp 3
NS957797 550 x 550 ft
(168 x 168 m)
7 acres
(2.8 ha)
This camp lies close to the wall just to the north-west of Camps #1 and #2.
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