NGRef: SP5313
OSMap: LR164
Type: Villa
None identified

The Islip villa lies a little over 2 miles to the west of the Roman road running from north to south across Ot Moor between the major settlements and former military bases at Alchester and Dorchester on Thames, being situated roughly 5 miles south-south-west of the former town. Aside from the Romano-British temple at Wood Eaton nearby there are substantial Roman buildings sited close beside the line of the Roman road to the south-east at Beckley (SP5611) and Woodperry (SP5710) and there is a minor settlement with satellite potteries at North Oxford about 3 miles to the south-west. The confluence of the River Ray with the River Cherwell lies about a mile to the west of the villa site.

Islip villa, like the nearby villa at Little Milton also in Oxfordshire, is contained within a ditched enclosure, otherwise the site is unremarkable, with no recorded mosaics, wall-paintings or outstanding artifacts.

See: The Roman Villa - An Historical Introduction by John Percival (BCA, London, 1971);
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