NGRef: TF8616
OSMap: LR132
Type: Settlement
ENE (12) to Billingford (Norfolk)
Probable road: N (20) to Branodvnvm
Fen Causeway: WSW (20) to Denver (Downham West, Nordelph, Norfolk)
Peddlars Way: NNW (20) to Holme
NNW (16) to Snettisham
Peddlars Way: SSE (10) to Saham Toney
SSE (20) to Thetford

Surface finds including pottery, tiles and iron-slag have been recovered from an area of around twelve hectares. The pottery "may span from the first to at least the third centuries" (Finch Smith).

See: Roadside Settlements in Lowland Roman Britain by Roger Finch Smith (B.A.R. British Series #157, 1987) p.172.
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