NGRef: NT0080
OSMap: LR65
Type: Camp
None identified
NT003811 c.500 x 500 ft
(c.152 x 152 m)
c.5¾ acres
(c.2.3 ha)
The south-west corner-angle and about 450 ft. of the adjacent south side of this camp was discovered on A.P.'s taken in the late-1940's by Dr. J.K. St. Joseph. The remaining outline of the defensive ditch was recorded by probing and reported in 1955.

This camp lies roughly mid-way between the fort and settlement at Carriden to the east and the Antonine fortlet at Kinneil to the west, the eastern terminus of the Antonine Wall lies just to the north, and the marching camp at Muirhouses lies about ½ mile to the south-east.

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