NGRef: NY6326
OSMap: LR91
Type: Camp
None identified
Kirkby Thore 1, Cumbria
NY626252 650 x 804 ft
(198 x 245 m)
12 acres
(4.8 ha)
This almost-rectangular camp was possibly the first to be built in the area. Camp-2 lies in its south-west corner. All but the north-east side of its perimeter is recorded; this side is limited by a natural valley draining marshland to the north-east. Several gaps are visible in the perimeter but only one gateway is confirmed, near the centre of the south-west side. The northern defences of Camp-2 join with the south-west side at the original south-west entrance.
Kirkby Thore 2, Cumbria
NY626251 360 x 518 ft
(110 x 158 m)
4ΒΌ acres
(1.7 ha)
This camp lies within the south-west corner of Camp-1 and utilizes the south-west and south-east sides of this earlier, larger encampment. Several gaps are visible in its perimeter but none have been confirmed as Roman gateways.
Kirkby Thore 3, Cumbria
NY624250 340 x 377 ft
(104 x 115 m)
3 acres
(1.2 ha)
This sub-rectangular camp lies some 230 feet (70m) outside the south-west defences of Camps-1 & 2. All but the south-east sides are recorded but sufficient remains of the south-west corner-angle to ascertain its original dimensions. None of the many gaps in its perimeter can be positively identifed as gates. This was probably the last camp to be built as the others occupy the more-favourable ground.

These camps all lie some distance from the Roman road running through the upper Eden valley, which presumably indicates that the camps predate the road. The reduction in size of the main camp and the presence of another small camp nearby also indicate that they were the product of active campaigning. These two factors have prompted historians to conclude that the complex very likely dates to the initial Roman campaigns in the north-west during the early 70's AD.

Aside from the fort of Bravoniacum which guards the Roman road junction a few miles to the north-east, there is another marching camp at Crackenthorpe (NY6523) a couple of miles along the line of the Eden valley road to the south-east.

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