NGRef: NN9618
OSMap: LR58
Type: Watch-tower
W (0.5) to Rovndlaw (Tayside)
E (0.5) to Mvir O Favld (Tayside)

This watch-tower lies to the immediate south of the Roman military road in a wooded area. Excavated in 1909, the central platform was found to be 46 feet (c.14m) in diameter surrounded by a ditch with an external bank. This watch-tower along with others spaced almost uniformly along the Roman military road into the north-east formed an early Roman frontier along the Gask Ridge in Tayside.

See: Topography of Roman Scotland North of the Antonine Wall by O.G.S. Crawford (Cambridge, 1949).
Page Citation: Kevan White (2018) "Roman Britain: KIRKHILL"