NGRef: NY2362
OSMap: LR85
Type: Camp
None identified
NY230627 c.243 x 328 ft
(c.74 x c.100 m)
1½ acres
(0.6 ha)
This small, sub-rectangular camp lies only 710 yards (650m) to the east of the Bowness on Solway fort, and is situated on the edge of low cliffs overlooking the southern shore of the Solway estuary. All of its perimeter has been recorded except to the north, where natural erosion has removed all traces of defences. The camp is trapezoidal in outline with gateways in the eastern and western defenses, each defended by a traverse earthwork called a titulum, set about ten metres forward of the rampart. Hadrian's Wall passes some 200 yards (190m) to the south-west (i.e. behind) this camp, perhaps indicating that the camp preceeded the Wall. Its north-east corner is occupied by a modern house called the Grey Havens (reminiscent of Tolkien), formerly the old Police houses.
See: Roman Camps in England - The Field Archaeology by the R.C.H.M.E.
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