NGRef: NY0166
OSMap: LR84
Type: Fortlet
None identified

The Lantonside Fortlet

NY010662 138 x 121 ft
(42 x 37 m)
c.¼ acre
(0.15 ha)

The Antonine fortlet at Lantonside, sited close to the mouth of the Nith on its eastern bank, replaced the nearby Flavian camp at Ward Law (NY0266). The fortlet measures about 138 feet from SSW to NNE by 121 feet transversely (c.42 x 37 m), enclosing an area just over ¼-acre (0.15 ha). There is a single gateway set in the middle of the south-west side. Two markings visible on A.P.'s within the enclosure may be rubbish-pits associated with two half-size barrack-blocks similar to those uncovered at the Barburgh Mill fortlet, a site which may be contemporary with Lantonside. There is a rhomboidal annexe of about 1¼ acres (0.5 ha), i.e. four times the area of the fortlet, attached to its north-west side, running flush with its south-western defences.

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