NGRef: NY6001
OSMap: LR91
Type: Fort
N (18) to Brocavvm
S (17) to Calacvm (Burrow in Lonsdale, Lancashire)
Probable road: SW (10) to Alavana (Watercrook, Cumbria)

There is a single inscription recorded in the R.I.B. for the Low Borrowbridge area, a cavalry tombstone disovered in 1946 about a mile south of the fort. It was identified as Roman by the reported lettering ...XX... ..., presumably to be translated "[...] twenty [years/months/days ...] and part of either the cavalryman's age or his term of service. Unfortunately the stone, although reported, was re-used by workmen at the discovery site as a cover to the culvert they were constructing.

See: The Roman Inscriptions of Britain by R.G. Collingwood and R.P. Wright (Oxford 1965).
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