NGRef: NT1840
OSMap: LR72
Type: Camp, Camp
None identified
Lyne Farm Camp 1
NT203408 1,670 x 1,225 ft
(509 x 373 m)
47 acres
(19 ha)
Discovered from the air during the late-1940's, this large camp lies about ¾ miles east of the fort. About 1,000 feet of the north defences, including a gateway, the north-east angle and thus, the entire east side was recorded by 1955. By 1961 the north-west angle and attached 500 ft. lengths of the north and west sides had been located, enabling the entire defensive circuit to be extrapolated. The east and west gateways were seen on A.P.'s in the early 1960's and established that there were only 4 gates in all.
Lyne Camp 2
NT204405 1,150 x 1,025 ft
(350 x 312 m)
27 acres
(11 ha)
This camp, first reported in 1973, lies just east of the larger Camp #1. There is a single gateway known in the centre of the south defences, which are everywhere very slight.
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