NGRef: NS5699
OSMap: LR57
Type: Camp
None identified
Menteith Camp
NS561999 1,220 x 945 ft
(372 x 288 m)
c.23½ acres
(c.21 ha)
Identified from the air in 1972, this camp lies just south-east of the fort at Menteith. Almost the entire outline had been recorded, the camp describing an irregular parallelogram, the east and west angles being acute, the north and south angles obtuse. There is a noticeable inwards "kink" in the north-eastern defences, nearest to the lake, which probably represents the position of a gateway, now invisible; any gateway in the opposite, south-western side is also unrecorded. However, the gateways in both the north-west and south-east defences, visible as cropmarks, are of the distinctive Stracathro-type, having an external clavicula and oblique ditch.
Malling Camp
NN560000 740 x 690 ft
(225 x 210 m)
11¾ acres
(4.7 ha)
Discovered in 1981 about 550 yards (c.500 m) west of the Lake of Mentieth just north-west of the fort at Menteith, like its larger neighbour, this small camp also has Stracathro-type gateways, one set in the middle of each side. This smaller camp lies to north-west of the larger, and is linked to it by an earthwork running from its south-west angle to the west angle of the large camp. There is a central entrance with titulum in the middle of this rampart, which seems to have formed a defended annexe for the fort and camps, and which must have been contemporary.
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