NGRef: SJ5072
OSMap: LR117
Type: Camp
None identified
SJ5072 c.426 x 377 ft
(130 x 115 m)
c.3¾ acres
(c.1.49 ha)
Discovered on aerial photographs taken on 28th July 1994, this camp is known only from its W and E corner-angles with attached lengths of the adjacent sides; 360 ft of the NW side, 330 ft of the SE, 130 ft of the SW and 80 ft of the NE (respectively; 110, 100, 40 and 25 metres). With the two opposing angles identified, an estimate of the camp's original dimensions may be ascertained.
See: New Evidence from Aerial Reconnaissance for Roman Military Sites in Cheshire
by Robert A Philpott in Britannia xxix (1998) pp.341-353.
Page Citation: Kevan White (2018) "Roman Britain: MANLEY CAMP"