NGRef: TM2547
OSMap: LR156/169?
Type: Possible Roman Settlement
Possible Road: WNW (10) to Combretovivm (Baylham House, Suffolk)
Possible Road: NE (15) to Saxmvndham (Suffolk)
River Deben: SE (9) to Walton Castle (Suffolk)

Martlesham lies on the A12(T) road between Ipswich and Woodbridge There is only one inscription recorded in the R.I.B. for Martlesham, a shield-shaped base of bronze, which is believed to have once supported a statue.

Bronze Shield-shaped Statue Base


"To the god Martius Corotiacos, Simplicia has placed this offering for her family."

(RIB 213; bronze statue base)

Looking at the OS Map of Roman Britain, it appears that there may have been a road serving the coastal potteries and possible villa estates of East Suffolk. The suspected course of this road is littered with burial mounds marked on the OS maps by the familar word tumulus (pl. tumuli), many of which probably date to the Anglo-Saxon period, but are usually a good indication of the presence of a metalled road in Roman times.

The Course of the Suspected Roman Road in East Suffolk

N.G.Ref. Location Description
TM1152 Baylham House Roman forts, minor settlement
TM1446 Ipswich Romano-British villa
TM2446 Martlesham Romano-British pottery kiln
TM2850 Melton Romano-British tile kiln
TM3757 Blaxhall Romano-British pottery kiln
TM3758 Farnham substantial Roman building
TM4464 Saxmundham suspected Roman settlement
See: The Roman Inscriptions of Britain by R.G. Collingwood and R.P. Wright (Oxford 1965).
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