NGRef: NT5326
OSMap: LR73
Type: Camp
None identified
NT537268 c.1,280 x 1,210 ft
(c.390 x 370 m)
c.35½ acres
(c.14.4 ha)
This camp was discovered from the air in 1977. Parts of all four sides of this camp have been recorded, which allows a good estimate of original size. There is a gateway set roughly in the centre of the east side protected by an external clavicula; this has been taken to indicate a Flavian foundation for the camp, quite possibly during the tenure of governor Julius Agricola, and probably contemporary with the camp at Wooden on the opposite (east) side of Dere Street. The camp was used to reconnoitre in force the territories of the Selgovae tribe.
See: Britannia ix (1978) p.418;
Air Reconnaissance in Roman Britain 1977-1984 by G.S. Maxwell & D.R. Wilson in Britannia xviii (1987) p.32 & fig.10 p.33.
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