NGRef: NY4560
OSMap: LR86
Type: Camp
ENE (0.5) to Westmvir (Tayside)
Moss Side 1, Cumbria
NY 4562 6030 282 x 374 ft
(86 x 114 m)
c.2½ acres
(1 ha)
The defences of this camp delineate a parallelogram. There are gateways placed in the centre of the W and E sides, with an external titulum outside the E, but large gaps in the N & S defences cannot be proven to be gates. This camp lies almost entirely within the defences of Camp-2, and was possibly built first.
Moss Side 2, Cumbria
NY 4569 6031 614 x 690 ft
(187 x 210 m)
9¾ acres
(3.9 ha)
This almost rectangular camp has gateways placed centrally in its E & W sides and others in the N & S sides off-set towards the E; the camp therefore faced E. A trapezoidal annexe of 3 acres (1.2 ha) was attached to the W end of the N defences of this camp.

The camps lie in fields to the east of the Hadrian's Wall Path as it follows the Sandy Lane (Track) between the Wall and the Stanegate; the field boundary with the trigonometric point at 32 metres elevation (NY 4580 6034) lies roughly 20 metres beyond the eastern defenses of the largest camp.

See: Roman Camps in England - The Field Archaeology by the R.C.H.M.E.
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