NGRef: NT5734
OSMap: LR73/74
Type: Camp
None identified
Newstead Camp 1
NT574342 x ft
( x m)
c.50 acres
(c.20 ha)
First recognised as a Roman encampment by General Roy in the late-18th century, this camp lies to the east of the fort. The camp is thought to have been constructed during the tenure of governor Gn. Julius Agricola.
Newstead Camp 2
NT574342 1,370 x 1,300 ft
(418 x 396 m)
40¾ acres
(16.5 ha)
This large camp was discovered on A.P.'s taken in the late 1940's and lies immediately south of the fort.
Newstead Camp 3
NT563330 2,750 x 2,350 ft
(838 x 716 m)
148½ acres
(60 ha)
Discovered on A.P.'s taken during 1955-7 this extremely large camp lies to south of the fort. The south side has been recorded, 2,350 ft. long, also 2,500 ft. of the east side and 2,800 ft. of the west. Two gateways with tutulus outworks are recorded in the east side and one is noted on the west. The south-west angle was confirmed on A.P.'s taken around 1960 and the full 2,750 ft. extent of the long east side was revealed on photo's taken in the early 1970's, which also located about one-third of the north defences. This is one of the largest camps in Scotland.
Millmount Farm, Newstead Camp 4
NT558345 ? x ft
(? x m)
? acres
(? ha)
This small camp lies about ¾ mile to west of the Newstead fort. It is known only from a rounded corner-angle and 200 ft. lengths of the adjacent sides, recorded on A.P.'s in the late-1950's.
Broomhill 1, Newstead Camp 5
NT578341 740 x 460 ft
(225 x 140 m)
7¾ acres
(3.16 ha)
Discovered from the air and examined on the ground in 1991. The eastern defences were later contracted to form a slightly smaller Broomhill Camp#2.
Broomhill 2, Newstead Camp 6
NT578341 590 x 460 ft
(180 x 140 m)
6¼ acres
(2.5 ha)
This camp was seemingly formed by contracting the eastern defences of Broomhill Camp#1.
Ravenswood 1, Newstead Camp 7
NT5734 x ft
( x m)
4 acres
(1.62 ha)
Discovered from the air by J.K. St. Joseph in 1991, this camp lies to east of the fort complex between Broomhill Farm and Ravenswood, bisected by the modern A68 trunk road. The western defensive ditch was trenched in 1991/3 and found to measure 4¾ feet wide by 2¾ feet deep (1.44 x 0.83 m).

There is another marching camp just to the north at Drygrange, and others along Dere Street to the south-east at St Boswell's and at Maxton.

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