NGRef: NX412656
OSMap: LR83
Type: Fort, Camp

Possible Coastal Route: SE (18) to Gatehovse Of Fleet (Dumfries & Galloway)
Possible Military Road: WSW (14) to Glenlvce (Dumfries & Galloway)

It seems likely that some sort of Roman military camp was established here at the lowest crossing point of the River Cree during the fifth campaign season of governor Gnaeus Julius Agricola (c.AD81) in order to facilitate operations in the Rhinns of Galloway, notably the planned build-up of troops for the abortive invasion of Ireland.

See: De Vita Julii Agricolae by Cornelius Tacitus, translated by M. Hutton (Harvard, 1970) chap.XXIV, verses.1-2;
Roman Britain and the Roman Navy by David J.F. Mason (Tempus, Stroud, 2003) figs.34/35 & supporting text.
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