NGRef: NO8299
OSMap: LR38/45
Type: Camp

The Normandykes Camp
from the A road across the Dee
None identified
NO8299 2,814 x 1,629 ft
(858 x 497 m)
>106½ acres
(>c.43.5 ha)
The Normandykes camp overlooks an ancient fording across the Dee, immediately N of Tilbouries in Grampian. This rectangular camp measures 938 yards E-W by 543 yards N-S and covers an area of 106½ acres minimum, possibly up to 2 acres more.

This site was paid a flying visit on my Study Tour in April 2004. The continuing rain and the prospect of tramping around in damp and no-doubt slippery conditions upon the surviving northern rampart of this camp made it very unappealing, and I instead settled for a long-distance view of the site from the B9077 on the opposite side of the River Dee.

There are similarly sized camps at Raedykes, Kintore, Ythan Wells and Muiryfold.

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