NGRef: NO4555
OSMap: LR54
Type: Camp
None identified
NO4555 c.3,000 x c.1,950 ft
(c.914 x c.594 m)
c.134 acres
(c.54 ha)
Almost the entire perimeter of this large camp is known, the rest may be easily conjectured. Most of the S side, 3,100 ft. long, with two tutulus gateways and traces of the slightly acute SE angle, almost the entire E side, 2,060 ft. long with a tutulus gateway positioned almost centrally in the side, also the perfect north-east angle along with most of the N side, which bends markedly inwards at its easternmost gateway. The missing NW angle would have been quite obtuse, and a small surviving section of the W rampart seems to prove this. The entire W rampart would originally have measured a little over 1,500 ft. The SW corner-angle was submerged in a pond during Roy's time, which has since been drained. The north-west part of the camp is dominated by a natural hill called Wolf Law which lies entirely within the perimeter of the Roman enclosure.
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