NGRef: SN6449
OSMap: LR160
Type: Camp, Practice Work
None identified

Both of these so-called 'camps' have been reclassified as 'Roman military practice works'.

Pant-teg Uchaf I
SN641493 105 x 85 ft
(32 x 26 m)
< ΒΌ acre
(0.08 ha)
This practice-work displays no trace of any tutular or clavicular gateway outworks.
Pant-teg Uchaf II
SN647485 85 x 60 ft
(26 x 18 m)
0.11 acre
(0.05 ha)
The north-east and south-west sides of this small practice-work, although delineated, were left uncompleted. Again, no defensive outworks were provided at the gateways.
See: Air Reconnaissance in Britain, 1958-1960 by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. li (1961) pp.127/8;
The Roman Frontier in Wales by V.E. Nash-Williams (Cardiff 1969) pp.128-30;

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