NGRef: NT3963
OSMap: LR66
Type: Camp
None identified

The camps at Pathhead lie along the suspected line of Dere Street. The first two camps lie one within the other, as is also the situation at Pennymuir. The third camp forms part of a series of so-called "165-acre" camps, with others at Newstead, at St. Leonards and at Channelkirk, all spaced out an almost uniform 7½ miles apart along Dere Street to the south-east.

Pathhead Camp 1
NT397636 1,725 x 1,300 ft
(526 x 396 m)
51½ acres
(c.20.8 ha)
Discovered on A.P.'s taken in the mid-1950's, the complete defensive circuit of this large camp had been established on A.P.'s by 1960. The camp presumably has its south-west (or north-east?) side aligned with Dere Street.
Pathhead Camp 2
NT397636 c.910 x 620 ft
(c.277 x 189 m)
c.13 acres
(c.5.26 ha)
This small encampment lies within the southern part of the large Camp #1, incorporating two of the larger camps sides within its own defensive perimeter.
Pathhead Camp 3
NT399632 c.2,450 x 2,450 ft
(c.747 x 747 m)
c.137¾ acres
(c.55.8 ha)
this large encampment, the defences of which crosses the southern parts of both Camps #1 and #2, is among the largest known in Scotland, or indeed, in the whole of Britain.
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