NGRef: SJ0442
OSMap: LR125
Type: Camp
ENE (18) to Ffridd
SE (8) to Llanfor (Gwynedd)
NNE (13) to Rvthin (Clwyd)

The Roman Marching Camp at Penrhos

SJ042427 1,450+ x 1,250 ft
(442 x 381 m)
c.41½ acres
(c.16.8 ha)
This large camp occupies the summit of a rounded hill overlooking the confluence of the Afon Alwyn with the Afon Dyfrdwy, about 1½ miles south-west of Corwen and a mile north-west of Cynwyd. The defensive circuit is incompletely known. The NE and SE corner-angles and part of the SW angle have been recorded, along with "considerable lengths" of the E, W and N sides. A change in the line of the W side, which occurs roughly about the mid-point, is thought to be a gateway. Sharply sloping ground to the E would render some of the camp's interior unsuitable for the pitching of tents.
See: Air Reconnaissance in Britain, 1969-72 by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. lxiii (1973) p.237;

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