NGRef: NO8490
OSMap: LR38/45
Type: Camp
Raedykes Plan

Plan of the Raedykes Camp
(adapted from Collingwood)
None identified
NO8490 c.2,620 x c.1,750 ft
(c.800 x c.530 m)
c.110 acres
(c.44.5 ha)
The entire perimeter of the Raedykes camp has been recorded, and is very irregular in outline. There are five visible gateways, all protected by titulus outworks; two in the longest E side, one in the shortest S side, another in the N side and one more in the very-irregular SW side. The Mid Raedykes Farm lies within the NW corner of the camp and Broomhill Farm lies within the defences beside the southern-most E gateway. The camp encloses the summit of Garrison Hill (628 ft.). The following measurements are observed from Crawford's plan (Cambridge 1949, p.109, fig.27); The straight E side measures c.2,740 ft., the straight S side c.1,300 ft., the highly-irregular W side c.2,500, and the inwardly-creased N side 2,200 ft. The northern and eastern defensive ditch was quite substantial, around 15 ft. across and about 7 ft. deep (c.4.6 x 2.1 m), the rest of the perimeter was markedly less significant. There are similarly sized camps at Normandykes, Kintore, Ythan Wells and Muiryfold.

The remains of this large and irregularly-shaped marching camp were visited in driving rain. The extreme size and exposure of the site was readily apparent, but the wet conditions and profusion of sheep-droppings made the steep ground of the site very hazardous to traverse and the visit was curtailed.

Raedykes Camp
The Raedykes Camp
view along the eastern rampart
Raedykes Camp
The Raedykes Camp
view along the southern rampart
See: The Archaeology of Roman Britain by R.G. Collingwood (Methuen, London, 1930);
Topography of Roman Scotland North of the Antonine Wall by O.G.S. Crawford (Cambridge 1949) pp.108-10 & figs.27/8;
Britannia ix (1978) p.277.

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