NGRef: SS9929
OSMap: LR181
Type: Fort
None identified

The Roman Fort at Rainsbury on Exmoor

SS 9902 2918 c.230 x 345 ft
(c.70 x 105 m)
c.1¾ acres
(c.0.75 ha)

This small earthwork lies on a valley spur overlooking the River Haddeo in Somerset and has earthwork remains of the tell-tale 'playing card' shape which exemplifies a small Roman fort. Its measurments within the ramparts is about 70 metres across by about 105 metres long (c.230 by 345 feet) with rounded corners, enclosing an area just under 0.75 hectares (just over 1¾ acres); the camp is aligned towards the south-south-west. The small size indicates that the fort did not house a full regiment of auxiliary troops, there being only room enough for about three (possibly four) centuries of foot soldiers comprising 80 men each.

See: The Field Archaeology of Exmoor by Hazel Riley and Robert Wilson-North (English Heritage, 2001 pp.77-79);

This page is dedicated to Martin Bodman who sent me information on this and another Cornish fort at Restormel

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