NGRef: TL 134 072
OSMap: LR82
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The Plautian Auxiliary Fort

N.G.Ref Dimensions Area
TL135072 c.450 x 400 ft
(c.137 x 122 m)
c.4¼ acres
(c.1.7 ha)

Two opposing corner-angles of a Roman camp were found during excavations conducted in the late-1950's by Sheppard Frere, lying beneath the forum/basilica of the later Roman town. The camp measures 450 x 400 feet (c.137 x 122 m) and encloses an area of just under 4¼ acres (c.1.7 ha). It was probably positioned here to guard the important crossing over the River Ver. This temporary encampment was only occupied for a short period, perhaps a single campaign season, before being demolished and the garrison removed to a new fort built just to the north.

The Later Flavian Fort

N.G.Ref Dimensions Area
TL136075 c.425 x 350 ft
(c.129 x 107 m)
c.3½ acres
(c.1.4 ha)

The defences of this fort were found during large-scale excavations conducted by S.S. Frere in 1961 on the north-eastern wall of the later Roman town. The fort's defences consisted of a timber-revetted rampart of turf, 20 feet wide, which was fronted by a ditch of unknown dimensions. The post-holes of a timber gateway, 12 feet wide, were found during subsequent excavations by I.E. Anthony in 1966. The encampment measured about 425 x 350 feet (c.) and enclosed an are of just under 3½ acres (c.1.38 ha). This fort had a slightly longer lifespan than the forum encampment, probably being abandoned c.ad50 when the civitas capital of the Catuvellauni was granted the status of a Municipium.

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