NGRef: NS 775 106
OSMap: LR71/78
Type: Fortlet
Possible Road: SSE (8.5) to Drvmlanrig (Dumfriesshire)

The Roman fortlet at Sanquhar was discovered from the air in 1984, lying in Upper Nithsdale about 8½ miles (14 km) upstream from the (parent?) fort at Drumlanrig, at the confluence of the Crawick Water. It measures about 175 feet from north-west to south-east by about 130 feet transversely (c.54 x 40 m), enclosing an area of about ½-acre (c.0.2 ha) within a single V-shaped ditch almost 10 feet (3 m) wide; a single entrance is suspected in the centre of the north-west side.

See: Britannia xvi (1985) p.267;
Air Reconnaissance in Roman Britain 1977-1984 by G.S. Maxwell & D.R. Wilson in Britannia xviii (1987) pp.22/3.
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