NGRef: NO1027
OSMap: LR53/58
Type: Camp
None identified
NO104272 1,800+ x 1,290 ft
(c.550+ x 393 m)
>53ΒΌ acres
(>21.5 ha)
Discovered on aerial photographs taken in 1952 when a 675 ft. length of the north-east side including a gateway and tutulus outwork were discovered, also the rounded northern corner-angle. Part of the south side, complete with gateway, was identified on A.P.'s in the mid-1960's, enabling an estimate of the dimensions to be made. The gates in the long sides to north and south are not opposite one another, which probably indicates that there are two gates in both these sides with central gateways in the shorter sides, it is very likely, therefore, that this camp belongs to the so-called "63-acre" series. The majority of the camp lies beneath the race-course.
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Page Citation: Kevan White (2018) "Roman Britain: SCONE PARK CAMP"