NGRef: NS8179
OSMap: LR65
Type: Antonine Wall Fortlet, Fortlet, Camp
Antonine Wall: W (2.25) to Castlecary (Central)
Antonine Wall: E (1.75) to Rovgh Castle (Central)

Postulated by MacDonald, the Seabegs fortlet covers an area of only one-tenth of an acre (0.04ha). There are no coin finds and no inscriptions on stone have been recorded in the R.I.B.. The well-preserved length of Antonine ditch here is well worth a visit, although the site of the fortlet is not discernable.

Seabegs from E
The Wall Ditch at Seabegs
viewed from the east
  Seabegs from W
The Wall Ditch at Seabegs
viewed from the west

There are two marching camps nearby at Dalnair (NS8179) and Milnquarter (NS8279).

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