NGRef: NY 751 661
OSMap: LR86/87
Type: Camp
Stanegate: W (1) to Haltwhistle Bvrn (Northumberland)
Stanegate: E (2) to Vindolanda (Chesterholm, Northumberland)

Seatsides Temporary Marching Camps

The larger of the two temporary marching camps at Seatsides occupies the crest of an east-west ridge running parallel with and situated about 1 mile (1.5 km) south of the line of Hadrian's Wall; the Stanegate runs directly along the ridge through the middle of this camp and the smaller, Seatsides Camp 2 lies about 90 yards (c.80m) outside the north-east corner. The two marching camps at Seatsides are not alone in the Northumbrian landscape, for there are two more camps nearby to the south-east at Bean Burn, also another at Twice Brewed to the north, just south of the Vallum.

N.G.Ref Dimensions Area Description
Seatsides Camp 1
NY751661 827 x 925 ft
(252 x 282 m)
c.16½ acres
(6.7 ha)
Two gateways of this original camp are visible, situated in the N & S sides offset towards the E. The N gateway is protected by both an external titulum and an internal clavicula, and although traces of internal clavicular defences have been identified in the S gate, no external traverse has been found. Any gateways and defences in the E & W sides have been obliterated by the Stanegate. To the N of the road the ramparts to the W & E are pierced by gates in the centre, both with external tituli, which likely indicates that the camp has two phases of occupation, in the second phase only that half to the N of the road was used, and the agger of the Stanegate itself probably formed part of the S defences of the camp. In this, its second incarnation, the camp measured (c.110 x 280 m) and covered an area of 7½ acres (3 ha). Seatsides Farm resides in the W half of this camp and the farm track utilizes the agger of the Stanegate to provide access to the buildings.
Seatsides Camp 2
NY752664 489 x 761 ft
(149 x 232 m)
8½ acres
(3.4 ha)
This camp is situated only 80m NE of Camp-1, on gently sloping ground above the Brackies Burn which passes by to the N. Three gateways are recorded, 1 placed centrally in the E side and others in the N & S sides which are slightly offset to the E; with no corresponding break in the centre of the W defences, it is certain that this camp faced E. The interior of the camp has been damaged by natural erosion, ridge-and-furrow cultivation, variously dated field boundaries and modern drainage channels.

Although it appears that Seatsides Camp 1 was built astride the Stanegate, it is almost certain that the camp was built first, utilising as its main axis the crest of the ridge. The Stanegate was built at some later period and, in choosing the best line, the Roman engineers chose to build their military road along this same ridge through the centre of the old abandoned camp. On this premise, the Seatsides Camps probably both belong to the campaigns of governor Gnaeus Julius Agricola circa 80 ad, although there is no physical evidence to support this.

See: Roman Camps in England - The Field Archaeology by Welfare & Swan (HMSO, London, 1995).
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