NGRef: NX 878 762
OSMap: LR84
Type: Camp
None identified

The Shawhead Marching Camps

N.G.Ref Dimensions Area Description
Shawhead Camp 1
NX878762 350+ x 300+ ft
(107+ x 91+ m)
>2½ acres
(>0.97 ha)
This camp was discovered in 1960 when the northern corner angle and attached lengths of the north-west and north-east sides, measuring 350 ft. and 300 ft, respectively, were seen as crop-marks on aerial photographs.
Shawhead Camp 2
NX878762 180+ x 180+ ft
(55+ x 55+ m)
(0.3 ha)
This camp was discovered in 1960 when 180 ft lengths of both the north and east sides, together with the well-rounded north-east corner-angle were seen as crop marks on A.P.'s.
See: Air Reconnaissance in Britain, 1958-1960 by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. li (1961) p.122.
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