NGRef: TR0271
OSMap: LR178
Type: Roman Coin Hoard
None identified

Roman Coin Hoard Found in 1969 at Leysdown, Isle of Sheppey

"... a hoard of 500 sestertii and asses were dug up on the mud flats of Warden Bay; their range was from Titus to Postumus and included 8 contemporary cast forgeries."

Titus was emperor for the short period A.D. 79-81, while Postumus was the first emperor of the off-shoot - and illegitimate - "Gallic Empire", comprising Britain, Gaul, Belgica, Germany and (at first) Spain, which he ruled from A.D. 260 until his death in 269. The inclusion of a late-1st century coin amongst the hoard is no indication of 1st century (or even 2nd century) activity, however.

See: Chronicle of the Roman Emperors by Chris Scarre (Thames & Hudson, London, 1995);
Britannia i 1970 p.304.
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