OSMap: LR80
Type: Camp
None identified
Sills Burn North, Northumberland
NT825000 c.410 x c.490 ft
(c.125 x c.150 m)
c.4½ acres
(1.9 ha)
Only the N, S & W sides of this rectangular camp are known, the 4th (E) side probably coinciding with the steep scarp above the Sills Burn, which passes by to the E of both camps, flowing from N to S. There are three visible portals, all defended by internal claviculae, situated just S of centre in the short W side, and offset considerably to the W in the N & S sides. It would appear, therefore, that the camp faced W. Dere Street passes by less than 110 yards (100m) from the W defences of the camp, but none of its defences are aligned with the road, which may mean that the camp was built first. Camp-2 lies just 58 feet (175m) to the S.
Sills Burn South, Northumberland
NY825997 c.280 x c.755 ft
(85 x 230 m)
4½ acres
(1.8 ha)
This elongated rectangular camp lies just 580 feet (175m) S of Camp-1, and its W side is approximately aligned with Dere Street, which passes by less than 80 feet (25m) to the W. There are gates places centrally in the short N & S sides, the gate to the S defended by an internal clavicula, another two gates appear opposite each-other in the elongated E & W sides, displaced towards the S in a 2:1 ratio. A tributary stream of the Sills burn enters the camp via its NW corner, diagonally crosses the interior and exits through the E gateway. Modern field drains cross the site from E-W, several of them interfere with the E & W rampart. The camp appears to face S, but was very likely arbitrarily aligned on Dere Street, and if this is the case, then the camp must post-date the highway.

There are three more camps nearby at Birdhope and another at Bellshiel.

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