NGRef: TF5663
OSMap: LR122
Type: Probable Port, Settlement
Probable Ferry: SE (12) to Holme
W (20) to Horncastle

That there was some kind of port or civil settlement near Skegness is borne out by the course of the Roman road from Lincoln (Margary#27 Lincoln-Burgh-le-Marsh [36 miles]), all trace of which is unfortunately lost some 5 miles to the north-west, but its intended terminus is unmistakably the headland at Gibraltar, just south of the modern seaside town. The topography in this area is dominated by the marshes and shifting sands at the mouth of the Steeping River, the meandering course of which has erased all traces of any Roman occupation.

The suspected port here very likely communicated with the known ports across the Metaris Aestuarium (The Wash) near Hunstanton and at Branodunum (Brancaster).

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