NGRef: SU1332
OSMap: LR184
Type: Minor Settlement
NE (6) to Boscombe
WNW (20) to Cold Kitchen Hill
Possible road: N (24) to Cvnetio (Mildenhall, Wiltshire)
NE (17) to East Anton (East Anton, Hampshire)
SSW (7) to Rockbovrne
E (22) to Venta Belgarvm
WSW (40) to Ilchester
SSW (22) to Vindocladia

This oval fort of acres (11ha) with superb views was protected by a single massive bank and ditch, with an entrance on the E. It was subsequently used by the Romans, and may have been the posting station known as Sorviodunum. The site was finally used by the Normans whose Motte (castle mound) now dominates the site, and the foundations of their cathedral can also be seen.

The Romano-British villa at Rockbourne lies some 9 miles to the south.

Roman Name

Antonine itinerary: 12-5 Sorvioduni; Antonine itinerary: 15-5 Sorbiodoni

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