NGRef: NT6031
OSMap: LR74
Type: Camp
Dere Street: NW (3) to Newstead (Newstead, Borders)
Dere Street: SE (8) to Cappvck (Borders)
Saint Boswells Camp 1
NT605317 c.850 x 650 ft
(c.260 x 200 m)
c.12¾ acres
(c.5.1 ha)
The longer dimension of this camp is aligned north-east to south-west. It was discovered on A.P.'s taken in the early-1960's when its entire outline was either established or conjectured.
Saint Boswells Camp 2
NT604316 1,800 x 1,300 ft
(c.550 x 400 m)
53¾ acres
(21.7 ha)
This camp was discovered in 1968. The smaller camp lies in its northern corner and re-uses two of its sides within its own defensive circuit, and is the earlier of the two encampments.

These two camps lie in a wide loop of the River Tweed just north-east of St. Boswells.

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