NGRef: NT5445
OSMap: LR73
Type: Camp
Dere Street: NW (20) to Elginhavgh (Lothian)
Dere Street: S (7) to Newstead (Newstead, Borders)
NT547455 3,120 x 2,300 ft
(951 x 701 m)
164¾ acres
(c.67 ha)
Lying about 2 miles south of Lauder, close to the line of Dere Street, the eastern defences and gateway of this unusually large, sub-rectangular camp were discovered on aerial photographs taken in the late 1940's. Part of the north side and much of the south side, including a gateway and tutulus, were later recorded on A.P.'s in the early-50's, by 1956 almost the entire outline had been established along with three tutulus gateways, and in 1960 the remainder of the west side and its gateway with tutulus outworks had been recorded. A second gateway in the west side was recorded in 1965. The long axis of the camp is aligned NW-SE.

There are other marching camps in the area, about a mile to the south at Blainslie, at Kedslie about 3½ miles along Dere Street to the south, also at Channelkirk, about 5 miles along Dere Street to the north-west.

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