NGRef: NO2019
OSMap: LR53
Type: Camp
None identified
NO209196 290+ x 190+ ft
(88+ x 58+ m)
>1¼ acres
(>0.5 ha)
Recorded on aerial photographs in the late-1960's, this small camp lies on the north bank of the Tay opposite the vexillation fortress at Carpow. Its north-western corner-angle together with a 290 ft length of the west side and 190 ft. of the north are all that remain. In 1982 a billion tetradrachm of Claudius II from the Alexandria mint dated 268/9AD was uncovered near Pitfour Gardener's Cottage, St. Madoes, and in 1994 a small hoard of denarii ranging from Vitellius (69AD) to Commodus (180-192AD), was found by metal-detectorists about 1½ miles to the west of the camp at Inchyra; it is not known whether the coin finds and the camp are related but it remains a distinct probability.
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