NGRef: SU7223
OSMap: LR197
Type: Villa, Temple Or Shrine
None identified

The Suspected Octagonal Temple

The villa complex included a detached octagonal building about 27½ ft. in diameter which may have been a shrine attached to the villa or possibly a garden pavilion. There is a similar situation at the Walton-on-Hill villa in Surrey.

Gabled Relief of Mars Olludius


"For Mars Olludius."

(RIB 131; gabled oolite relief)

There are two inscriptions recorded in the R.I.B. for Custom Scrubs near Stroud in Gloucestershire. Both stones were found in 1799 at Bisley, 3 miles SE of Stroud, and now reside in the Gloucester City Museum. Both are of oolite and feature reliefs of Roman or Romanized gods, Mars Olludius (RIB 131 supra) and Romulus (RIB 132 infra).

Gabled Relief of Romulus


"For the god Romulus, Gulioepius has donated [this altar and] Juventinus has made [it]."

(RIB 132; gabled oolite relief)

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