NGRef: NS5772
OSMap: LR64
Type: Antonine Wall Fortlet, Fortlet, Camp
Antonine Wall: E (2.5) to Balmvildy (Strathclyde)
Antonine Wall: W (2.25) to Bearsden (Strathclyde)

The Summerston Fortlet

NS574723 115 x 108 ft
(35 x 33 m)
(c.0.11 ha)

The Summerston fortlet was discovered from the air in 1980 and confirmed by excavation the same year. It measures only 115 ft. east-west by 108 ft. transversely (35 x 33 m), covering an area of just over ¼-acre (c.0.11 ha). Centuries of cultivation and ploughing had removed all traces of internal structures, no coins were found and no epigraphic evidence uncovered.

The Temporary Marching Camp

NS574723 540 by 460 ft
(c.165 x 140 m)
c.5¾ acres
(c.2.3 ha)
A temporary camp lying about 660 ft (200 m) south of the Wall was discovered from the air in 1978 and investigated on the ground in 1980. A single occupation phase is indicated. It was very-likely used to house the legionary troops constituting the Wall's work-force.
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