NGRef: NY6965
OSMap: LR86/97
Type: Camp
Stanegate: W (2.25) to Magnis Carvetiorvm (Carvoran, Northumberland)
Stanegate: E (1.25) to Haltwhistle Bvrn (Northumberland)
Sunny Rigg 1, Northumberland
NY695656 260 x 165 ft
(80 x 50 m)
1 acre
(0.4 ha)
This perfectly rectangular encampment has four gateways, all defended by external titulum outworks, set centrally in the shorter W & E sides and placed in the longer N & S ramparts off-set to the E on a ratio of 2:1; the camp therefore faced E. The camp lies 150m NE of the Sunny Rigg farm, in the centre of a field sandwiched almost equidistant between the Stanegate to the N and a modern road which passes by on the S. The site has been unaffected by field boundaries since Roman times, but its position, in the middle of a cultivated field, has meant that the camp has been almost completely levelled by ploughing.
Sunny Rigg 2, Northumberland
NY698657 230 x 280 ft
(70 x 86 m)
1½ acres
(0.6 ha)
This camp has the form of a parallelogram and is situated about 460m ENE of the Sunny Rigg farm, again sandwiched between the Stanegate to the N and the modern ? road to the S. Only 3 gates were provided, set centrally in the E, W and S sides, with that on the E provided with an external titulum. Excavations in 1981 revealed a causeway across the central portion of the N ditch which may be evidence of a N gateway.
Sunny Rigg 3, Northumberland
NY700658 72 x 72 ft
(22 x 22 m)
0.1 acres
(0.04 ha)
This very small camp, unlike its larger neighbours, lies some 80m N of the Stanegate, and although unaffected by the plough, has part of its N circuit damaged by modern field drains. Gateways are apparent in the centre of the E & S sides, both protected by external tituli.
See: Roman Camps in England - The Field Archaeology by the R.C.H.M.E.
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